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Quadruple Automation works on MES that creates the essential connect between the shop floor, control and coordination systems, and your ERP. This would enable greater synchronization and well coordinated information links for better control on productivity and quality.

Designing and Developing a MES requires a complete research on the type and detail of the manufacturing process and 'CUSTOMIZE TO SCALE HIGHER' is the mantra of the QAS team, when it comes to delivering a solution on MES. Rely on us for all your IT solution needs on MES.

We create MES solutions for effective and consistent operational execution with well-defined capabilities. Based on the best industry practices we build software that is capable of handling and processing operational improvements with an incremental approach. Our solutions are completely scalable and configurable with deployment risks at the lowest level. The key focus of our expert team while designing and deploying an IT solution for MES is to drive operational efficiency and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Our experience spans across a wide range of MES products and services and is represented below:

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Benefits of MES Solutions

As a MES IT solution provider we increase our client’s exposure to the plant operations and factory management to improve operational efficiency.

Reduction: Our solutions reduce cycle time, waste and damages that may occur due to operational inefficiencies and Work-In-Progress

Increase: We design and develop MES that increase and improve yield, achieve increasing rates on timely delivery and increase the number of tasks that are delivered on time. Most importantly we design to increase the possibility and probability of making the right decisions on processes and every other aspect of manufacturing.

Our Expertise and Knowledge on MES

  • Considerable experience in designing and deploying MES solutions from the ground-level up for manufacturing industries across different products
  • Expert knowledge and know-how on compliance technicalities like 21CFR 11, GAMP, TREAD
  • Knowledge of MES Assessment, Implementation, Configuration , Strategy, Customization and MES ERP Integration
  • We provide multi-level support 24*7
  • We also offer services on Product evaluation, selection, migration and enhancement of your existing MES